Mombasa Coast Getaways,Vacations, Tours & Attractions Guide For The Kenyan Tourist & Visitor

An out of the ordinary Mombasa Coast Getaways offering you an abundant wealth of insider travel and tourist information about the enchanting coastal towns of Kenya.

"The coastal region has sustained its position as the leading destination in Kenya accounting for more than 60% of the destination's tourism activities." - Hon. Najib Balala, Minister of Tourism (2008 – March 2012)

This is an undeniable fact! The coastal region is the leading tourist destination in the Kenya and one of the top world tourist destinations. This region has an alluring effect on both the domestic and the international tourists. Visitors, both local and foreign, keep streaming to the Kenyan coast to sample its spectacular tourist attractions. Some end up making the Kenyan coast their second home, while others look forward to their next getaway, vacation and holiday to return to the Kenyan coast.

We have a common saying here that says (in English):

"Coming to Mombasa is easy but leaving is difficult."

You know why it is so? Don’t worry, even if you have no idea, you will soon find out. Just relax, go get yourself a glass of cold fresh juice or a hot cup of tea or coffee...and grab some cookies too, and then come back. You are about to find out why Mombasa is Mombasa Raha, Lamu is Lamu Tamu and many more. smile icon You know am from this region, born and raised here. I have a history in almost all the coastal regions I will be 'taking you round': from Lamu, Malindi, Watamu, Mtwapa, Mombasa North and South Coast regions. I have lived and worked in these places, so you bet you'll be hearing it from the horse's mouth. smile icon

So, what's in mombasa coast getaways?

From the north to the south of the coastline of Kenya, I will be sharing with you:

Where To Stay

  • Best and world-class coastal hotels, resorts, villas, cottages, and apartments (including pocket-friendly options) where you will have heavenly bed-times of your lifetime.
  • Best coastal hotels, resorts and villas for family, honeymoons, weddings, conferences, retreats, parties etc.

Where To Eat

  • Lip-smacking restaurants and other speciality eateries (including coastal delicacies).

Where To Explore & What To Do

  • Our world's best warm, clear, calm waters with soft white sand beaches with a constant cool and refreshing sea breeze that gives you that soothing and relaxing feeling.
  • Exhilarating water sports and activities you can enjoy like big game fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, dhow trips etc.
  • Great places with fantastic scenery, historic sites and monuments.
  • Our nature trails, marine parks, wildlife reserves, and coastal forests.
  • Our diverse and unique coastal life and heritage.
  • And many other coastal best things to do, eat, and experience.

That, dear prospective visitor, is what this site is all about. Helping you make the Kenyan Coast your next 'MUST HAVE' getaway, vacation and holiday destination.

Which Kenyan coastal town would you like to visit?

To find your desired weekend getaway, holiday or vacation destination at the coast, just click the town you would like to visit. On each page, you will find plenty of valuable information that will help you make that choice.

As for me, I am already enjoying myself here...

mombasa coast getaways

...and am set to welcome you to Mombasa and the coastal towns. If you happen to meet me, make sure you say JAMBO! smile icon